Orinda Real Estate Update, March 2024

As we head into the spring season, the real estate market in Orinda, CA, is showing an interesting array of properties for sale, offering potential homebuyers various options to choose from. This March update provides a snapshot of the market, with homes boasting characteristics that cater to a range of preferences and budgets.

A Glimpse at the Market

New Listings Stir Interest: The market has been refreshed with new listings, adding to the diversity of options. For those looking for undeveloped land to craft their dream home, properties like the one on 13 Saint James Ct and 9 Charles Hill Rd are available, offering sizable acreage priced at $539,000 and $775,000 respectively. These lots present a blank canvas for creativity and construction in a city known for its natural beauty and excellent schools.

Luxury Living: For buyers interested in luxury homes, Orinda does not disappoint. A notable listing at 2 Vallecito Ln, priced at $2,500,000, offers 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms within a spacious 2,904 square feet area. This residence, along with others like the $2,150,000 property at 8 Hidden Lane, underscore Orinda’s market for high-end, spacious homes for those seeking grandeur and elegance.

2 Vallecito Ln. Credit: MLS

Homes for Every Lifestyle: Single-family homes in varied architectural styles and periods are available. From the mid-century charm seen at 301 La Espiral, listed for $1,800,000, to the contemporary aesthetics of 417 Moraga Way at $2,250,000, buyers can find a home that fits their taste and lifestyle. The listings include homes built as early as 1938 and as recently as 2019, offering a range of options from historic to modern.

Competitive Pricing: Prices in Orinda reflect the competitive nature of the Bay Area real estate market. The homes listed range from the more approachable $1,475,000 for a 3-bedroom residence at 139 Glorietta Blvd to the more premium offerings exceeding $2 million. Each property brings its unique features to the table, such as acreage, proximity to downtown, and architectural design, providing a spectrum of choices for different preferences and needs.

Market Dynamics

The real estate landscape in Orinda this March illustrates a dynamic market with a variety of real estate offerings. The days on site for these listings show that properties are moving at a steady pace, reflecting a healthy demand. With homes on the market ranging from 7 to 33 days, it’s evident that both new and seasoned listings are attracting interest.


Orinda’s real estate market is ripe with opportunity for those looking to invest in a home. Whether it’s the allure of constructing a custom home on a vacant lot, the charm of a mid-century gem, or the allure of a luxurious modern mansion, there’s something for everyone. As the seasons change, so does the market, and this March update paints a promising picture for both buyers and sellers in Orinda.

Thomas Smith

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