Don’t Block a Fire Hydrant – It’s a Risk You Don’t Want to Take, Says Contra Costa Fire

From Contra Costa Fire

Thinking about blocking a fire hydrant? The Contra Costa County Fire Department has an important message for you: Just say no! Parking illegally beside a fire hydrant can put firefighters, residents, and even your car in danger.

If you’re not convinced yet, take a look at the dramatic photos the Contra Costa County Fire Department shared of a car parked blocking a hydrant during a fire.

In the photos, you can see the hoses draped over the car as firefighters desperately try to access the hydrant. This is a vivid example of what can happen if you park near a hydrant and put yourself at risk.

The Contra Costa County Fire Department wants to remind everyone to avoid danger by parking elsewhere when planning to block a fire hydrant. There are plenty of places to park in the area, so don’t take the risk.

Not only are you putting yourself and others in danger, but you could also be subject to a hefty fine. So, if you’re ever tempted to pull up next to a hydrant, take a step back and find a safe place to park. It could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

And it could also save your car from being draped in fire hoses if the department needs to get to an active fire scene. In another photo posted to the Contra Costa Fire Department’s thread on Twitter, a user posted an image of hoses going straight through the windows of a car parked illegally by a hydrant!

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